While the global village is shrinking, many people say that these days they feel more disconnected from others.  We can be in a crowded room, or even in our own home, but feel as though everyone is in their own little world and completely unaware that you are sitting opposite. But even when we do speak to one another, it often feels as though we’re speaking to a brick wall. People have become so addicted and attached to their technology devices that it’s almost impossible now to get somebody’s undivided attention. Consequently, it feels as though our words fall flat on the ground. Talking effectively involves not only listening to each other without interruption, but hearing what is being said. This simple starting point, is usually the point that derails the rest of the conversation. While the simple skills of communication can easily be learnt by anyone, there are two questions lots of people are asking: how do we get dialogue to be more meaningful again? and how do we get to say the things we want to say to someone, but we never get the chance to? 
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