Who am I? What is my real Identity? Two of the
most important questions ever asked by human
beings. There are many answers out there, most of which are misleading, discouraging and fail to deliver us from a life-long search for the answers. Author, Ray Slade however, surprises us with the idea that there is another question that needs to be answered first. What am I? Until we discover this, we will never be content with our beliefs about who we are. In this clear presentation, we find a totally new way of answering these questions. Supported with numerous illustrations, and based on Christian understandings, we discover a unique explanation as to how Identity is not something we have to create but has been determined for us a long time ago. Consequently, we find that a correct understanding of Identity provides for us a sound framework upon which to explore our unique self. If you have ever wondered what and who you really are and have been trying to find the elusive answers to these questions, this book will provide easy to understand guidance that will bring a degree of fulfilment, satisfaction and enjoyment not found in any other approach. Topics covered in this book include:
A way of Talking
An Introduction to Identity
About Uniqueness
The way we talk about ourselves and others
Sixteen ways other people contributed to our unhealthy self-
Discovering our Identity
Unlocking the Beauty of Uniqueness
How to discover who you are
Listening to the Right Voices What does a healthy sense of self look like
175 pages pdf format
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Identity and Uniqueness
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