Why the term Self-Esteem is no

longer useful

The Way we Measure it

By far the majority of people use a light-switch type of measure- it’s either off or on. There is nothing in between. They started thinking of their self-esteem as either high or low, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. This is where what started as a good idea, started to go horribly wrong. As human beings, made in the image of God, we are far more than something which is either good or bad, high or low. We are incredibly complex and marvellously designed beings with an immense array of talents, attributes, skills, characteristics and potential. No other species is endowed with all of the attributes of humanity. We are very special. The ultimate definition of humanity is that we are made in the image of God. This means that we not only bear physical resemblance to Him, but we are made with nearly all of the same characteristics that He has, in smaller amounts of course. How can we truly even begin to appreciate that? To describe ourselves or anyone else for that matter, as either good or bad is a clear indication that we have no idea what humanity really is. There are Dire Consequences for holding an incorrect belief about our self-image. If we see ourselves with low self-esteem then the whole of our life fails to have credibility or value. As Nathaniel Branden said above, the value we place upon ourselves, determines how we live. There are countless numbers of people all around us that live their lives as merely existing, simply because they have labelled themselves as having low self-esteem. Trudging through their days bowed down under the heavy weight they carry of disliking who they are. Do you really want to set the direction of your whole life based on a single value? The term Self-Esteem has no credibility with us and it is not in our personal dictionary, and we recommend that neither should it be in yours. Your identity and value are far too important to be flippant about it. Understanding who you are begins with rethinking about yourself in an entirely new and different way. It’s about discovering the meaning behind two entirely different words….. Identity and Uniqueness. There is a far better way of seeing ourselves and it is not hard to understand.
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The ultimate definition of humanity is that we are made in the image of God.
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