Until we find some kind of answers to these confronting questions, we tend to go about life with a “business as usual” attitude, not knowing the answers and not knowing how to find them. But because we have to give some kind of a performance, we put on different costumes, and keep trying different ones until one seems to fit. Sometimes the costume and mask we find ourselves wearing, is not one we would have chosen ourselves, and we find ourselves wearing an image that someone else has thrust upon us. The tragedy is only exposed when we try to take the costume and mask off, we find it won’t come off. It’s stuck hard. And when we look longingly in the mirror, we wonder what we would look like if we ever got a good look at our real selves underneath. If the costume and mask have been on all of our lives, and we finally are able to remove them, we can have great difficulty in recognizing the form underneath. After all, we may have never seen it before. What we don’t always realize is that our understanding of who we are, affects our whole approach both to life and our relationship with other people. Therapist Ernie Larson said, “We live our lives according to how we see ourselves”.


Being able to change the way you feel about yourself.. Feeling at peace with yourself and with others.. Having a sense of value that others notice and respect, Being able to look people in the eye with confidence.. Believing and feeling that others respected me and liked being with me.. Not worrying about what others thought of me..

The Good News

… is that the costume and mask can be removed. … I can discover the real and exciting me underneath. … I can find the right Self-Image to replace the one I didn’t ask for. Is this some thing you would like to do…?
Ever feel as though you’re wearing a mask? If you removed your mask, how would you feel about people seeing the real you?
We get so much in the habit of wearing a disguise before others that we eventually appear disguised before ourselves. -John Bishop

What’s Your Costume?

… explore the possibilities
It is you who holds the privilege and right to decide who you are. Never be what and who others want you to be
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