When was the last time you had a
conversation where you felt you had
been really listened to? Many of us might struggle to remember such a time, as conversation today is very different from not so long ago. Today, it’s more than likely that the person you are trying to talk to is continuing to use their phone, checking their tweets, watching tv, or searching something on the internet. When you ask for their opinion on what you’ve been talking about, the response is often, “what did you say?” And so we go away feeling, like we have so many times before, simply not heard. But genuine, meaningful conversation is something we all long for. Lost Connection, is about how we have lost the art of making meaningful conversation and steps to take to try and regain it. The book outline simple ideas that can make a big difference to reconnecting with the people we now feel disconnected from. Topics include: What is happening to us? It’s lonely in here What is it? and what is it like? How do you know when it’s good? Is it possible? The Ingredients The Three Goals Three Essential Behaviours Using the right words Three essential qualities of each person Considering the risks Things we don’t talk about Eight things to avoid Talking with God 133 pages pdf format
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Lost Connection
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