How do we know we are

important to God?

Some reading this will only know and see God as a being to be feared and avoided at all costs. Reality is, He sees in us, what we struggle to see in Him. Throughout all the history of the world as recorded in the Old Testament, God reveals Himself as someone who wants a personal relationship with his created beings. Sadly, human beings rejected God, believing they could make it in life on their own, consequently, leaving God out of their lives. Despite our rejection of Him, He has relentlessly pursued humanity, continually urging us to come back into the relationship. But not only has humanity walked away from God, they have continued over the centuries to mock Him, ridicule Him, use His name in vain and worship man-made idols of stone instead. A lesser God would have wiped out His creation and started again. But humanity is so precious to God that He was prepared to pay the ultimate cost to get it back. For the consequence of our rejection of Him, He was prepared to take the punishment Himself. He sent His son to earth to live amongst us and allow Himself to be killed to pay the cost of our rebellion. Considering how much God loves His own son, how could anybody say our life does not matter, when He was prepared to swap our lives for the life of His own son? It’s a no-brainer.
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