Identity and Uniqueness

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Before you can decide who you are, you have to know what you are. Most people try to work out their identity before they even know what they are. Ask a few people what and who they are and most will have no idea there is any difference between the two. The reality is, that what something is like, does not tell us what it is. And knowing what something is, does not tell us what it’s like. Don’t believe me? What’s brown, furry, has four legs and a tail? You’re right. It could be anything. Most people have seen the aurora australis lights and would agree that they are both spectacular and beautiful. But few would be able to tell you what they really are. Have you ever picked up an object while walking along the beach and wondered what it could possibly be. Despite not knowing, you took it home and put it on a shelf simply because it looked beautiful. All of this means that, identity is simply what something is. It does not describe what something is like. What something is like, is it’s uniqueness, all of the attributes that make it different from everything else. Everything has an identity and uniqueness. Is it any surprise then, that humans also have an identity and uniqueness. Understanding the difference…. makes all the difference. Adopting the terms Identity and Uniqueness, along with a sound understanding of how they define us, establishes a foundation on which you can live your life… a life that is free from the anxiety of not knowing who you really are.
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Knowing what something is, doesn’t tell us what it is like. And knowing what something is like, doesn’t tell us what it is.
You cannot have a healthy view of yourself unless you separate who you are from what you are
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