Does “Life Really Matter”?

No need to be confused about


Some might not think so. If it does, what do you base your reason on? Check it out here…
Such a common phrase, but one that has lost all sense of relevance. Why is it not talked about on this site? You can find out why … here

Why don’t we talk about

Self Esteem?

Within these pages, you will find help to explore what it means to live a life of meaning and purpose based on Christian principles.
Life Really Matters, Victoria Australia

The Challenge of Living

in a world of people

While the global village is shrinking, many people say that these days they feel more disconnected from others. To discover how this is affecting us and ways to improve things … click here
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Topics you will find on this site…

Identity & Uniqueness

Understanding these two aspects of ourselves is the key to actually loving what and who we really are. The new book Identity & Uniqueness gives a clear and enjoyable pathway to finding a meaningful and realistic way of seeing ourselves. Explore some of the concepts in this book …here!
Something that we all think about. Sadly, most people are very confused about it. Few however, realize that our sense of self affects the way we live. We need to have a clear understanding of who we are. Explore some of the concept of the new book here!