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This is a profound saying.  It has a lot of truth in it.  What does it mean? The beliefs we have about ourselves, will dictate how we act, behave and influence the choices and decisions we make.  More concerning, it also means that our self-beliefs can and will affect our moods, our energy and our overall view of the world around us.

How can simple beliefs be so powerful?

Tracy had a belief that she was not good at making conversation.  Consequently, she believed she was not good at making friends.  Whenever Tracy was invited out to parties, she would find some excuse not to go. After all, everyone else would be chatting away but she knew she would be standing by herself, and that would be lonely.  Why go? If she ever did go, as she entered, she would gravitate towards the outside of the room, the quieter places where she would be less likely to have to talk to someone. The fact that fewer people were less likely to get to meet Tracey, validated her belief that she was not a good communicator. Lee, had a belief that he could write and could create a good stories that people liked to read.  Looking through the adds in the paper one day, he noticed a job as an editor with a popular magazine.  Lee thought, “I could do that, in fact, I’d love it”. So he sent in an application and was invited to an interview. Not surprisingly, he got the job and thoroughly enjoys it. These two examples illustrate just how our lives are lived out according to the beliefs we hold about ourselves.  If we have a belief that we are not good with words, it is highly unlikely that we will ever apply for a job writing or talking to people.  If we have a belief that we can cook, we won’t mind asking our friends around for dinner. Many people say, “Why do I keep making the choices I do in life?” The problem is, that if we are living our lives according to the negative or unhealthy beliefs we hold about ourselves, we will continue to make choices influenced by those beliefs,  and those beliefs will undoubtedly work against us.  Unhealthy beliefs lead to unhealthy choices, which result in unhealthy actions If we want to start making different choices, and living different behaviours, we need to examine the beliefs that are holding us back. In the book Identity and Uniqueness, the author outlines sixteen common ways that we may have learnt some of the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Once we have identified where we took a left turn in life, it’s not hard to create new pathways of thinking that can create new ways of being and living. The outcome can be better than we ever imagined.
We live our lives according to the way we define ourselves   -Earnie Larson
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