Life is more enjoyable, more authentic and meaningful, when…

  • there is freedom from fear and anxiety
  • I understand what and who I really am
  • I develop my skills to relate better with the people in my world
  • I am at peace with God

In these pages, we talk about ways to grow in all of the above.


Apart from that…

I am a counsellor who has worked over the past twenty-five years with people from all walks of life. People who have never felt comfortable with who they are; people who find it hard relating to others; people who were drawn to each other but discovered that when living together, it became hard work; people who struggle with addictions of all kinds; people who feel alienated from God but don’t want to be; people who are grieving over their loses; people who…. the list is quite endless.

Reality is, we all struggle with something. We all have some mountain to climb. Others more than others. During this time I have been thrilled to see people grasp the possibilities of change, and move forward. Saddened by others who either don’t want to change, or fail to see the possibilities.

Regardless of whether change happens or not, there are definitely ways we can pursue that make a huge difference to how we handle life. I hope that some of those ways, which you will find in these pages, may help you or someone else you know.

When I’m not writing about this, I love gardening, keeping fit, riding my bike, walking, and enjoyable than all of these…. just meeting and talking with people. Who knows, one day I might get to meet you.